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#city/e/scapes.1 is the first in a series of explorations of the sonic patterns that permeate the soundscapes of our experiences and our memories of space…composed with original sound recordings of and around the bridge to the 11th Street Metra station, downtown Chicago, layered over synthesized drum samples…



16 Blues: 14 seconds works to process the crisis of gun violence and police brutality by honoring the life story of Laquan McDonald. The piece is performed to an original sound score, movement, and song.
16 Blues in 14 Seconds explores the impact of gun violence and police brutality on the body thru the investigation of the 16 shots aimed at Laquan McDonald, from the viewpoint of the female form. The soundtrack is composed of original text. It is supported by a constant stream of 528 Hz, a binaural beat associated with healing and DNA regeneration, so as to heal the trauma held in the blood memory. Yanvalou and Nago rhythms open and close the piece, to welcome support and ingnite and remind us of our warrior spirit and the need to continue to fight against gun violence.

Sound and performance piece in honor of the young men and women whose lives have been unjustly taken. This work is a pre-mixed edit. It is a deconstruction of various recordings that address the issue of police brutality. It takes place on a foundation of pure tone at 432 Hz, representing eternal love for the crown Chakra. It is set on top of the era of 90’s hip hop rap. It is tied with the historical performance of the star spangled banner by the great Jimi Hendrix. It closes with African healing drum patterns from Gambia. Please see link for further sound credits. (This piece was not created for a profit)


She:things heard is a performative sound exploration and visual assemblage piece that investigates the aural experience of things. Inspired by John Cage’s Child Of Tree, the piece transforms the acoustic properties of daily objects mainly encountered by women into a complete acoustic and visual experience. The objects become the performer…

The sound properties were recorded to create a soundtrack of the assemblage performance


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