Medium Weaver

“I am a woman of color, Black, Filipinx. I am a medium weaver: a vocalist, a dancer, a performer. I’ve lived all over Chicago…here is where I developed my roots. From the streets I’ve walked, the sounds, the food, the communities of dancers, thespians, artists, poets, musicians, the community leaders and activists, menaces to society… I am composed of them all. Therefore I speak and create from the dynamics that both separate and unify.  These are the stories I speak with the work I create”    – Jennifer Ligaya

Jennifer Ligaya is an AfroPinay sound, movement, and performance practitioner, and healer born and raised in Chicago with an interdisciplinary background in visual art, vocal performance, dance, and theater. Mother to a Scorpio son and full time PhD student of Performance Studies at Northwestern University, her original work includes solo and collaborative performance compositions and sound installations. A sponsored artist, grant recipient, and commissioned multimedia artist, her compositions amplify critical conversations around identity, liberatory practices, ancestral indigenous knowledge systems, and moments of communal healing, through the weaving of traditional and contemporary sound, performance, and personal ancestral folk arts practices. Core member of Honey Pot Performance, her current creative practice explores Afro-Asian feminist subjectivities and speculative arts, indigenous healing and survival practices, and the genealogies of anticolonial spiritual-political resistance.

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