Miscegeny Trope Consciousness

Miscegeny Trope Consciousness is a performance piece that questions one’s awareness of women of color. A work still in development, the expectation is that the work continue to explore how tropes, specifically related to identity by “race” and “gender”, impact one’s interactions with the human, female, form.

The score explains that the audience will be instructed to consider their perceptions and relationship to the female of color. They are invited to express their perceptions and relationship with the options of scarves to tie or untie, stickers to express like or dislike of features, or the act of moving her up or down the stairs, or not interacting or acknowledging her at all, i.e. Stepping over, ignoring, looking and walking past.

“The artist invites you to consider your awareness of your conscious or subconscious thoughts and behaviors during social interactions as you encounter Women of Color. How do you acknowledge her presence? Do you consider your perceptions and preconceptions of her journey toward upward mobility?

Explore, but cause no harm…”

Eye contact is the primary symbol of awareness and acknowledgement of one person to another. So that I’m hoping that my form of expression, other than the written text, would be in the performative use of my eyes, and active movement based participation in their manipulation of my body, for the purpose of expressing to the audience my acknowledgment and awareness of their interaction, or lack thereof.

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