Immaterial Heirlooms

Immaterial Heirlooms was created in collaboration with HOMEROOM and MAKE Literary Productions as part of Exquisite Crawl, a virtual crawl featuring exquisite corpse videos from Chicago-based writers, musicians, and interdisciplinary artists/performers. Through this virtual crawl across three online venues, audiences will witness the unveiling of three distinct exquisite corpse video pieces—each created by a group of three artists and beginning with the same line of poetry from Nate Marshall’s “Imagine”

we imagine
being together & that is the first step.

Using the well-known exquisite-corpse drawing method as the format, each of nine participants created a short, multimedia video, resulting in three final group videos, each one streamed through a different venue successively.

Immaterial Heirlooms is a meditation on embodied memory as it transfers across bodies and ancestral memory. Shot in Montgomery, Alabama, with my son and father, this work incorporates oral history from, familial folk practice of hambone, along with improvised movement and text.

Immaterial Heirlooms

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