They Scared We Sacred

They Scared We Sacred is a participatory sound and movement performance composed to re-center the Sacred in the spirit of resistance that runs through the history of Blackness and Indigeneity in the Americas and continues to speak through our multilayered acts of anti-colonialism. Audience members will be invited and equipped to participate in a call and response with the performer’s movement: reading/re-telling stories of ancestors across the diaspora who knew that our flesh, blood, and spirit are sacred, and revolted against laws rooted in the same fear of our power that still governs how society polices Black, Brown, and Indigenous existence…The live sound recording will be included the Petty Biennial archive.
…with red cloth moving down the path on ground, honoring the teachings of the Red Road and the blood shed on our Native Indigenous family’s sacred land, the artist will move across the performance path. When the cloth makes its way to and past each person, those participating are called to read aloud the text on the page in their hands…
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