The Ligaya Project(s)


The Ligaya Project(s) is a research project based on process, part of High Concept Laboratories’ Sponsored Artists Program for the Spring of 2019. This work is anchored in exploration for the purpose of refining the tools with which to speak the language of practice…practices aimed at developing yet unearthed formats of performance. Weaving together movement and performance-based experiments, personal objects and materials, along with voice and sound technologies, the work is to explore the multitude of metaphors that center personal ancestral knowledge systems within contemporary technologies and aesthetics.

A major component of “The Ligaya Project(s)” will be documenting the artists process, which then becomes a container for shared visual/graphic, sound, movement, and text research and exploration. It serves as a space to discover and archive how each medium performs and can be performed, as tools for archiving one’s ancestral knowledge systems, to access languages to root these tools within decolonization, and to inform modern practices that can be used as acts of resistance.

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